To provide Aircraft Parts, Accessories and Aeronautical Repair Management for the General, Corporate, Commercial, and Military Aviation, maintaining high quality control standards, short and quick response to your request and orders, delivering parts on time, demanded by the changing aeronautical industry 24 Hours, 365 Days a year to keep you flying.

Our specialized personnel is constantly being trained by the Aeronautical Authorities (F.A.A. , EASA.), through courses and seminars in detecting non approved parts, quality control, security, handling and packaging of dangerous goods.
We are certified TAC 2000 in compliance with FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B.

We can also provide you with rotables and expendables material in less than 24 Hours, 365 days a year, with our exclusive live AOG Service which you may contact through (305) 406-2647. We will be waiting for your call and hope to hear from you very soon!!!

1st Class Air Services has been providing our customers since 1994 delivering a wide variety of products and services commited to excellence and satisfaction to all our customers

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